IN THE TALONS OF THE CONDOR is a searing exploration of the power of revenge when it consumes the deadliest commando in South America. Roland Sabatini and John Muir are young missionaries who have been called to bring the Word of God to a remote Amazonian tribe. Soon after they meet, John notices strange and incongruous abilities in his Argentine companion. Roland is an expert tracker and survivalist; he knows the rain forest intimately and is a martial artist. Roland ultimately reveals that he is a commando on a mission of justice to right the wrongs of a brutal dictatorship. While tracking his prey, Roland meets Lourdes McCallum, the daughter of a rubber-tapper and descendant of  one of the many Southern families that emigrated to the Amazon after the Civil War. When they fall in love, he is torn between humanity and justice and she is thrust into the vortex of the inexorable battle with his sworn enemy.